Nepal AOTS Alumni Society has completed its 25th year of formal establishment and is entering into its 26th year with the theme of "Continuity" in pursuing the objective of human resource development in Nepal with remarkable dedication, support and cooperation of all ex-trainees of HIDA/AOTS along with stakeholders.

True to the word "Continuity" Nepal AOTS is continuously moving ahead since its inception in developing Nepalese human resources in management and technical sectors. In the IT sector, the main thrust is in empowering HR in latest technologies like Mobile Application Development (MAD) besides developing expert HR in IT Project Management to help in bringing more offshore IT business from abroad.

Nepal AOTS' annual publication TALIM published on the auspicious occasion of its AGM. This is one of the examples of continuity that we have been achieving since its inception with the support and cooperation of all member colleagues and corporate and institutional life members. I like to express my sincere thanks to all friends and also congratulate them for successfully bringing out the publication all these 25 years.

In 2015, we suffered the big earthquake which hit the eastern and the western parts of Nepal as well as the historical monuments in the Kathmandu Valley. With the helping hands from HIDA, Japan, Nepal AOTS colleagues and Alumni Societies from aboard, we had distributed some relief materials to the earthquake victims. I like to sincerely thank all for their generous contributions.

In 2016, on the auspicious occasion of 25th year of establishment, Nepal AOTS is celebrated a special grand get-together program. Similarly, Nepal AOTS is organized three special events to commemorate the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relation between Nepal and Japan, jointly with Japanese Language Teachers' Association Nepal (JALTAN) with the support of Embassy of Japan and Japanese Association in Nepal. The events were:

  • Seminar on "Role of Japanese Language Education in Strengthening Japan-Nepal Relationship"
  • Exhibition on Semblance between Japan and Nepal.
  • Japan-Nepal Night.

In the same way, following "Continuity" this year, HIDA, Japan has been encouraging Overseas Training Programs (OTP) for Female Entrepreneurs, Quality Management, IT Project Management, Disaster Risk Management, and Alternative energy programs such as small hydropower generation for Nepal.

Let us continue to develop the HRD in Nepal.

Best Wishes,

Prashant Lal ShresthaPresident