Talim (Vol. 4, Published in June 1994)

Cover Page : SwoyambhuTemple

Swoyambhu - is a Sanskrit word, it means the self existence. lt is one olthe holiest place situated within the unique natural sorrundings. lt is said to be 2500 years old, world's most glorious Buddhist Chaitya (stupa). lt is 3 km. west of Kathmandu city, and is situated on a hillock about 250 ft. above the level of the valley. ln the four directions of the temple,a pair of eyes, of Lord Buddha are painted. Which is the symbol of wisdom. Between the eyes the nose with the apperance of an incomplete question mark, is the Nepalese number "EK" or "ONE", a symbol of unity. This hill is a mosaic of small chaityes and pagoda temples.

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  • Prakash R. S. Suwal


  • Amira Dali
  • Bhawani B. Joshi
  • Asta B. Shakya
  • Kiran N. Shakya
  • Srawan K. Bajaj
  • Ashok K. Aryal

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