Talim (Vol. 8, Published in June 1998)

Cover Page : Ancient durbar Square of kathmandu

The Durbar Square is the historic seat of the royalty With its old temples and palaces, it epitomizes the religious and the rich cultural life of the people. It was the hub centre of the old Kathmandu and some of the major Hindu festivals and cultural ceremonies still take place here. Among the various structures in the Square are the Taleju Temple built by King Mahendra Malla in 1549 AD, the gigantic figure of Kal Bhairab, the God of Desauction, the Big Bell and the Big Drums, and the Hanuman Dhoka or the Gate of Monkey-god.

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  • Kiran N. Shakya
  • Prakash Suwal
  • Blnod Baskota

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