Talim (Vol. 7, Published in June 1997)

Cover Page : Visit Nepal year 1998

The theme for Visit Nepal 1998 is ' A sustainable Habitat Through sustainable Tourism" and the marketing slogan is " Visit Nepal '98 - A World of its Own.'
Center : Wisdom eyes together symbolilng oneness
From top left ClockWise :
Mt. Everest - The top of the world, 8848 m. pride of Nepal
Kumari - The living legend whose chariot festival is held in the city of Kathmandu during August - September.
Krishna Mandir - One of the popular stone carving shikhara style temple of Lord Krishna situated at the heart of Patan city.
Lumbini - The Birth Place of Lord Buddha

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  • Ramesh Man Singh


  • Asta Shakya
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  • Ashok Aryal
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